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D'Nude's Chinese Cresteds

Useful addresses with excellent information - This page contains information useful to any Crested owner regardless of expereince with the breed.

The American Kennel Club
The Chinese Crested Breed Standard
AKC Points Progression. Use this link to research how many points any dog has toward it's AKC Championship. A free membership is required. (Thanks for bringing this great resource to my attantion, Vanessa!)
American Chinese Crested Club
The sad truths of irresponsible, "for profit" breeders.
Excellent guidlines on how to find a caring, educated, RESPONSIBLE breeder.
A great licensed, non profit,. Anchorage Alaska based all breed cat and dog rescue group
Excelent information on Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Great information sources on Patellar Luxation
Well defined information on genetic deafness in dogs and the BAER test.
Website with thorough information on PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
Excellent article on Dry Eye (Keratoconjunctivitus Sicca)
Though not previously tested for in the Chinese Crested, VonWillenbrands Disease (vWD) has now been found to be present in small percentage of the Chinese Crested Breed. Testing for vWD prior to breeding is recommended. These weblinks offer good information on this disease:
Orthapedic Foundation for Animals. The OFA offers inofmation, diagnoses and a health registry database for MANY canine diseases. The results of all OFA sponsored health testing completed on animals intended for breeding that are owned by responsible breeders can be fund on this website.
Canine Eye Registry Foundation. CERF is a health registry dedicated to diseases of the eye to include Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Glaucoma, Juvenile Cataracts and more. Definitions of canine eye diseases, their origin and prognosis is available in this site.   Please note that tested dogs are only listed on this site if their owners have sent in the certificates they receive from their vets to CERF for inclusion in the database.
The Chinese Crested Health Database is a documentation site that allows breeders to post information on their health tested dogs. All information submitted to the site is verified before publication. An excellent resource for breeders to record all of their tested animals' health information in one place!
Excellent pet supply and health care sources 
Great information on how to litter box train a puppy. Great for hairless Crested who will become too chilled in wind, rain, or winter weather and who may burn in sunny weather. Litter box training also ensures constant access to the potty place without having to "ask"! 
Excellent "human food grade" organic/ holisitc pet food and supplements. We use many oftheir products and foods at D'Nudes
Another excellent "human garde" organic/ holistic dog food that meets our no corn, soy, wheat, by-products or "meat and bone meal" standard.
Fairly new on the market, this is a great multi-meat based dog food and, as with every other food recomended by D'Nudes, does not contain corn, wheat, soy, poultry/ animal by-products or "meat and bone meal" AND dogs seem to just love the taste!
Great natural dog food made from ingredients not treated with chemicals, pesticides, hormones, etc.
EXCELLENT SOURCE for pet health and nutrition products which carries man of our recomended foods (Wellness, Wysong, Solid Gold, Raw Advantage) as well as high quality dietary supplements and many other great items.
Awesome info on the B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Food) diet in the form of an FAQ - 50 of the most frequently asked questions regarding the BARF diet.
B.A.R.F. Diet instructions - well detailed pictures!
Cute site with a neat little "game" that tells you what breed you would be if you were a dog.

cchealthdatabase.gif - The ultimate information site and pedigree database for Chinese Crested dog

Buddies Pet Insurance

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