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Puppy Purchaser Questionnaire
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Puppy Purchaser Questionnaire
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D'Nude's Chinese Cresteds

red & white boy from our 2/26/06 Litter
D'Nude's Naked By Design X Vicson Dressed To Kill O D'Nude

Our Puppies are our most precious asset - they are our heart and soul and represent fantastic amounts of work and love. These living, breathing, thinking feeling, loving little beings are our direct responsibility because it was us, D'Nude Chinese Cresteds, who chose to bring them into our world. Because of this responsibility, all homes that are considered for the placement of our precious babies are thoroughly screened. If this offends you, you have our appologies but we have seen far to many precious canine kids fall into the wrong hands and do not want one our babies to suffer as we have seen other dogs suffer - simply because their new owners were not screend before placement of that puppy - new owners that did not have the best interest of the puppy at heart. In the course of rescue work and in being members of the "dog world" we have seen what results of careless placement and will do everything in our power to protect our canine kids from this.
With this in mind, please answer the questions on the following questionnaire and know that our intent is not to pry, but to make every effort possible to find the best homes for our precious little ones.

Full Name
Day Time Phone Number
Evening Phone Number
Physical Address
Mailing Address
Email Address
Are you 18 Years of Age or Older?
Please tell us why you are interested in a Chinese Crested puppy
Do you have a sex preference? If so, why?
Are you looking for a Pet/ Companion puppy or a Show/ Breeding prospect?
Is this puppy intended to be a gift for someone else?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, are you able to obtain a statement from your landlord accepting pets into your rental home?
Do you have any children lving in your home or visiting frequently? If so, what age(s)?
Do you have any other pets in your home? If so, please list number(s) and Breed(s) of your current pet(s)
Are you currently breeding any animals? If so, please list what breed/ species that you are currently working with.
Please list the name, kennel name (if applicable) phone number and address of the breeders that you purchased your current animals from
Please list four references. One reference must be from a Veterinarian. if you are currently showing/ breeding, please include the address and phone number of your local Kennel Club.
Do you have any questions or comments?

a lovely girl from our 10-24-07 litter
D'Nude's Silver Knight X D'Nude's Leather And Lace

Life without a dog is like dancing without music. You CAN do it, but WHY?