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D'Nude Chinese Crested Health Guarantee
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D'Nude's Chinese Cresteds



D’Nude Chinese Crested’s has many goals when producing it’s next generation, the foremost of those goals being health and soundness. Health is the foundation we build upon; carefully researching the pedigrees of our foundation animals and utilizing genetic testing for common ailments in the breed to screen parent animals with the intention of producing puppies that are strong, sound and free of inherited disease and frailty. D'Nude Chinese Cresteds screens for the PRCD form of PRA and vWD using PawsitiveID/ Pinpoint Technologies prior to 2009 and Optigen for PRCD thereafter. PLL is screened for and listed on the OFA database unless clear by parentage. We perform CERF testing generally every year and not less than every other year and have our dogs OFA screened and certified free of Patellar Luxation. (Testing documentation is available by clicking on the first picture of each of our dogs webpages)  It is a fact of life, however, that no matter how careful one is or how much parental testing is done, a puppy produced may later be found to be affected by an inherited ailment. As caring and responsible breeders, we want and need to know if one of our puppies is ever affected by any genetic disease so that we can take steps to prevent, if possible, the creation of other affected puppies. We offer this guarantee as both a means of monitoring the health of progressing generations of D’Nude Chinese Cresteds and as an obligation to the loving homes of our precious Chinese Crested dogs.

Please note that unlike inferior “one year guarantees”, our health guarantee is long term; five (5) full years – more than ample time for an inherited disease to present itself. Also unlike the short term guarantees offered by many less than responsible breeders, we DO NOT require our buyers to return an animal to us if it is found to be affected by a health issue in order to make a claim on the health guarantee. We could not imagine giving up a beloved pet, especially if it were sick and would never expect any good pet parent to do this either.


______________________  _______  ___  _______________

Color, Markings & Varity                                  Whelp Date      Sex      AKC Registration Number

_________________________________    ________________

Sire's AKC Registered Name                                                             AKC Registration Number

__________________________________   ________________

Dam's AKC Registered Name                                                               AKC Registration Number



The above described puppy is guaranteed to be free of communicable and inherited disease and is guaranteed to be in good overall health. Complete vaccination records will be provided with this puppy with instructions on completing the vaccination schedule, if the puppy’s vaccination series is not complete, to ensure proper immunity to common canine diseases is obtained.

This puppy is guaranteed to be sound and in good physical health at time of purchase. To activate this health guarantee, buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within five (5) business days of physical possession of the puppy. If the puppy is found to have any general health issues (non inherited/ genetic and NOT purely cosmetic), breeder will reimburse buyer for the cost of any MEDICATIONS needed to resolve the issue (breeder will cover cost of medications only. Exams/ diagnostic procedure costs and routine measures are the responsibility of the buyer). If the puppy is found to have any genetic/ inherited health issue at this initial exam, the buyer may:

a.)  Return the puppy to the breeder for a full refund of purchase price OR a replacement puppy of same sex & quality from the same or first available litter. (Buyer covers all shipping fees. As D’Nude Chinese Crested’s generally only has one litter per year, buyer must allow up to 18 months for a return puppy to become available)

b.)  Keep the puppy and receive a refund of 1/2 the purchase price (refund will be made after veterinary proof is submitted that the puppy has been spayed/ neutered)  

This puppy is guaranteed to be free of communicable disease at time of purchase. If this puppy has received a full series of three vaccinations (vaccinations commonly given at 8, 10 and 12 weeks of age) then this puppy should not be capable of contracting common canine diseases. If this puppy was purchased before the completion of the series, buyer MUST COMPLETE THE SERIES ON THE SCHEDULE RECOMMENDED IN ORDER TO COMPLETE IMMUNITY AND PROPERLY PROTECT THE PUPPY. Failure to complete the vaccination series can result in severe sickness from contracted disease and death. This puppy is covered by this guarantee against vaccine covered diseases (see vaccination record) for a period of 7 days for puppies with uncompleted vaccine schedules and for a period of 1 year for puppies with completed vaccination schedules. VACCINE BOOSTERS MUST BE GIVEN ROUTINELY AS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR VETERINARIAN IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN COMPLETE IMMUNITY.

This puppy is guaranteed against the following genetic/ inherited diseases common to the breed: Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Primary Lens Luxation (PLL), Luxating Patellas, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and Congenital Deafness and congenital heart defects. If at any time during the first five (5) years of life (ample time for presentation and diagnosis of the aforementioned diseases) this puppy is found to have a listed genetic/ inherited disease (with the exception of any form of PRA for which there is currently no genetic test to identify - these forms of PRA may present quite late in life and therefore have a lifetime guarantee - we want to know if any of our dogs are ever diagnosed with untestable forms of PRA), diagnosed and documented by a licensensed Veterinarian, the buyer is to notify the breeder immediately and provide the written veterinarian diagnosis and prognosis of the disease as well as the veterinarians contact information and a written release, signed by the buyer, to allow the breeder and the veterinarian to discuss the diagnosis/ prognosis and the dogs medical history. The buyer and breeder will discuss the veterinarian’s prognosis together. If the prognosis defines that the dog’s quality of life is compromised to a significant degree, then the breeder will urge the buyer to consider euthanasia for the sake and dignity of the animal. If buyer AND breeder, under the recommendation of the attending veterinarian, decide that euthanasia is in the best interest of the dog, breeder will reimburse the cost of euthanasia. If the dog’s quality of life is not significantly diminished, the buyer may either keep or return the dog – which is entirely at the discretion of the buyer (shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer). If kept, the dog MUST be spayed/ neutered within 14 days of the diagnosis (or as soon as possible if not medically advisable at the time per the attending veterinarian) Regardless of circumstance, the breeder will either provide the buyer with a replacement puppy of the same sex & quality from the first available litter OR refund 1/2 of the original animals purchase price.

This guarantee is limited to the clauses written herein and is offered only to the original buyer of this animal; this contract is not transferable and covers only what is expressly written. All claims to this health guarantee must be accompanied by a veterinarian’s written diagnosis and the buyer must release in writing the attending veterinarian to discuss all past and immediate medical information with the breeder. The breeder reserves the right to require a second opinion before any reimbursements, refunds or replacements are given.

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