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D'Nude's Chinese Cresteds

We love hearing from those who have purchased one of our fabulous kids or who have visited us on their path towards finding the right kid for them! Below are notes and reviews from some of those wonderful people. Thank you all for taking a moment to share your thoughts on your experience with us and/ or your new family member!
Sep 17, 2009 

Dear   Deborah ,   Tullulaha is almost 2 now ( parents Mike & Candy McGraw-Minneapolis)  I should have written sooner & I frequently thought about it but....Anyway I just wanted to tell you what a complete joy she has been since the moment  we picked her up at the airport. She came out of her airport crate tail wagging, & it hasn't stopped yet! We couldn't ask for a greater pup.  She has been extremely healthy, is so loving yet so playful. Not to mention she is a beautiful girl. Although I prefer dressing her in bling bling, she really is a TOMBOY at heart, such spirit. Her dream is to catch a squirrel & she hasn't, but its not for lack of trying! We can not imagine a life without her, she keeps us smiling. I will e-mail some pictures when my 2 footed daughter shows me how.  Her adult weight is 7 lbs.   Fontaine adores her except when she is bossing him around. I actually finally got onto your website to see if you had or were expecting a litter. I have a friend who has a crested & wants another one ( wonderful home) Anyway  I would recommend you to her 100% because of our perfect experience & our perfect pup. I didn't see you had any possibilities for her but let me know if it changes    Sincerely Candy McGraw Nothing but great things to say !
I have nothing but great things to say about my experience in purchasing my "most perfect Chinese Crested" from D'Nude Chinese Cresteds.  Having always had dogs as a major part of my life, but never having had a small dog before, I did a lot of research about different breeds and decided on the Crested when it became the right time to adopt.  Understanding the importance of buying a pup from a serious, caring breeder I found myself being referred to Deborah.  The rest is history.  I now am the happy parent of Cleo, "the most wonderful Crested Bambino" (my words I use when describing her).  I wanted to feel sure that the health issues that may exist with Cresteds had been addressed, I wanted to know the pup was well socialized, and I wanted a pal for life.  That's exactly what I got.
Deborah is very serious about placement, which can only mean one thing - she loves dogs, loves the breed and wants others to get a quality pup with the pup getting a quality home.  She definitely not only "talks the talk" but also "walks the walk."  From the moment I got Cleo (a very long trip for such a little girl) - she showed the temperament that Deborah and I discussed and I had said I preferred.  Cleo also exhibited a comfort with me from the beginning that showed the socialization had occurred that allows her to be a wonderful companion.  Both physically and emotionally she has been, and is, perfect.
One more comment, several of my neighbors have gotten to see Cleo in action.  People with varying opinions about dogs or, more specifically small dogs, have all said she is one of the coolest little dogs they have ever seen.  I happen to agree and am so happy she is so well adjusted that she gets such positive comments all the time.  Thank you so much Deborah!  I have and will continue to recommend D'Nude Chinese Cresteds as a premier place to find a quality pup. Excellent experience with a wonderful dog

I was nervous thinking about purchasing a puppy on-line. However my experience with D'Nude Chinses Crested's was awesome. From the interview and information exchanging session, to negotiating a delivery site and then finally receiving our dog our experience was better than I could have hoped. Deborah has been available by phone and e-mail for all my many questions. The dog we purchased is exceptional. It is clear that he was well cared for. He is bold, inquisitive, into exploring the world, not afraid of other animals nor is he too aggressive. He is warm and cuddly, just generally very well adjusted. I completely, without reservation recommend D'Nude Chinese Cresteds as breeders and the animals that they offer.

                __________________________________ Deborah Mihalko, D'Nudes Chinese Cresteds is Tops

I would like to tell anyone whom is interested, that I sold a puppy to Deborah Mihalko and I have come to find that not only is she highly educated she also has a heart of Gold. I have spent allot of time on the phone and writing back and fourth through E-mail's with her. I am a professional groomer and I groom about 800 dogs a month. So not only do I have a pretty fair bit of knowlege about Dogs, I also have a Keen instinct for picking out a real animal lover. So let me say that if something were to happen to me that it would be someone like Deborah that I would want to take my beloved pets. I feel I could not of found a better home for my Autumn, Lisa Etinger

                     _________________________________ Wonderful Breeder and Friend!

"Deborah has been absolutely wonderful! We have talked on the phone for hours since I adopted Apollo. She has been very helpful and has provided me with excellant information on the cresteds. In our very first conversation, I felt that we clicked right away. Not only did she grill me with questions, but I grilled her as well. She helped me realize the care that would have to be taken with my little man's skin so that remains nice. I am very happy with my little guy. He is a social butterfly and a wonderful addition to our family. He is a quick learner and gets along with my children and my papallion wonderfully. I highly recommend Deborah and her crested's. I have already told her that I would be interested in another in the future. I'm sure that I will stay in contact with Deborah, she is a wonderful person"


                      ______________________________ Awesome Breeder!

"I highly Reccomend Deborah, She was very straight forward in her dealings with me, She required references and actually checked them. Obviously cares about where her puppies go. She asked why I wanted him, Why I thought I would be a good home for him. He came to me in fabulous condition, Happy, He took to me right off even though he was scared on the flight, which any of them would be. He was already 7 months old then too. Would send anyone to her looking for a happy healthy puppy. Thanks Deborah for a fantastic dog!"


                        ____________________________ A Happy Purchaser

"In march i had purchased a tiny hairy hairless red and white male pup from d-nude breeders. I was very blessed with the pup he was healthy and full of energy well taken cared of along with all the other cresteds in the house, up to take on shots, he was also paper-trained. I feel in love with the breed and decided i needed to find a little play mate for my crested so he wouldn't be lonely when i wasn't with him, i was comfortable with D-nude breeders so i wouldn't go any where else to purchase a puppy, i now have two wonderful babies "Patience and Secrets" that are brother and sister although a few months apart they both are very good pets. I strongly recommend D'nude Chinese Crested breeders i a sure you that you won't regret it."


                          _____________________________ Absolutely the Best

"This was the best over the web transaction I have ever been involved in. I can not be any happier with my boy than I am, he is the light of my life. I feel truly blessed in every way to have this boy in my life. I can not wait to start his show career this fall. Deborah was so helpful and she is so kind. I had some problems with the transaction on my side but she was so patient and kind and helped me to stay calm and get through my troubles and get my boy home to me. He is so healthy and beautiful I could not ask for a better representation of the breed than him. I would definatly recommend Deborah to anyone out there wanting a wonderful and beautiful show dog or companion that is so very well rounded and loving in everyway. THANK YOU DEBORAH FOR MY BOY DADDY!!!!! "


                         _______________________________ GREAT WEBSITE!!!

"I used your website link and spent more than an hour browsing it and still have not finished looking at everything on it! You have the best website I have seen on my search for just the right puppy. I am still considering which breed is right for me and most of the breeders websites I have seen are just showcases for puppies for sale but 90% of your website is all about educating people about the breed - your links page is an absolute WEALTH of information! I looked at your health guarantee and it is the most comprehensive I have seen yet. It's nice to see a breeder so concerned about the breed and not just selling pups."


                              ____________________________ Would that ALL breeders held to this standard!

"As I live in Anchorage I have first hand knowledge of this breeders practices. She truly loves the breed and her "babies". The pups are suberbly cared for, socialized as family members from birth and bred for not only beauty externally, but temprament and genetic health. No inbred mill pups these! Her care for the breed and critters in general is evident in her meticulous placement criteria as well. Would that ALL breeders operated with such love and ethical standards!"


                              _________________________________ Very happy

"I have recently gotten a dog from Deborah and he has turned out to be the love of my life. He is all that Deborah promised and more. I don't think I have ever met anyone that knows more about the Crested breed and she seemed to truly care about each and every dog or puppy. Thanks, Deborah and keep up the good work."


                       ________________________________ Wonderful Breeder!

"I have the pleasure of knowing this breeder personally. Her dogs are beautiful and healthy and very well socialized four legged little children! I would like to thank her for entrusting me with one of her little darlings - my very first Crestie kid, Charles ("king Charles") I have learned so much about this breed and about dogs in general from Deborah. Her knowledge is so extensive and she shares it so freely. When Charles is ready for a "little brother" I'll be sitting down with Deborah to fnd that next special "kid"


                       ______________________________ A True and Honest Professional

My experience with D'Nude Chinese Cresteds was wonderful. Debra was a very informative and honest person. She always gives one hundred percent to her profession and customers. I believe she is an expert in her field and a fair business women. The main concern for her is that her pups are placed with the proper clients and all intentions are well dissused and established before placement. I have researched and interviewed many breeders and find D'Nude to be the only choice for the serious Crested lover and for someone who only wants the best of the breed. I give Debra an AAAAA+. Thanks Debra, From all the kids of The Pumpkin Patch Creative Preschool and Ms. Toni Excecutive Director New York, New York P.S We Love V.J"





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